Tiling and Fusion 360 2024

I read the previous post and there were a few suggestions, but then someone offered to help the person directly, which means that the solution wasn’t readily available to the rest of us.

I would appreciate either a similar situation, having someone do a screen share with me and go over what I need to do, or give me more detailed instructions on how to go about tiling. I traded the original owner of the X-Carve a guitar amp, so, this is my absolute first go at this. Forgive the absolutely massive amount of ignorance I’m going to display.

it is highly suggest that one new to cnc begin with a simplified CAD/CAM software such as Easel.
Fusion360 has one of the steepest learning curves, even with simple processed. So to jump into the very deep waters of manual Tiling as you’ve suggested will surely result in many instances of failures and frustration… unless you already have a background in CAD/CAM & Mechanical Engineering, which most X-Carve users do not have…
So it is recommended to start with success and the best way to ensure that is to start with Easel.

I already use Fusion for design. I have a set of legs that I need to make with the CnC due to a very exacting and non-standard curve. I don’t find Fusion to be all that difficult. There is almost always just a language/syntax issue with any action that you want to do and can’t. Hence me coming to this forum. It’s likely a “face palm” moment.

The person who traded me the amp for the CnC also showed me how to use Easel to do simple designs, but to be really honest, that process does not translate at all to Fusion. The tools are just way too different. I actually already have the leg design from Fusion playing well with Easel (simulated tool path, reading the start/end points properly, depth of cut, bit, etc), EXCEPT for the tiling portion.

I would appreciate assistance with this specific topic. Thanks in advance.

You can use sketches to define your toolpath area. Depending on the project you’ll want those sketches to overlap by an amount.
Are you familiar with the concept of tiling?