Tiling help

Easel Pro has a new tiling feature that will make tiling much easier. Can anyone tell me how to change the number of tiles in the project? For instance, I have a project that is 60" long, using the tiling feature it breaks the project into 6 tiles. Can I change it to make it 3 tiles?

Open up the material then click on the tile section you want to carve


Yes, I know how to use the tiling feature. For my project it has split the carve into 6 tiles, I would like to be able to change that to only three tiles, and also decide where to split the carve.

You can not do that with the new tiling feature. I would suggest looking at my YouTube channel PawPawsWorkshop and go to the fan art playlist. I show how to do tiling exactly how you want to do it

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You will likely have to abandon the tiling APP/software as it is working off your machine size and do it manually the way we used to have to do it. The APP calculates your overlap for you so you will have to account for that manually. Phil’s videos are great they will lead you t a successful path forward.

Change your machine dimensions in Easel.