Tiling in Easel PRO

Hey Inventables,

During the launch of X-Carve PRO it was mentioned that tiling will be available in Easel. Any idea when it will be available?

We have several upcoming projects that could use it.


I think they said it will be released about the time the new machines come out.

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@DebbieLee it is in testing now. Ask Inventables to be able to test it and you can use it on your upcoming projects. It not much different than what I used in my videos. Good luck

Hey Phil,

Yes we have access now, it really is basically what we had already been doing but makes it a bit easier.

I’d like to have a look at the tiling feature as well. Is there a place to request access?

Contact Inventables

@DebbieLee, we are planning on releasing the Beta to everyone in a couple weeks so hang tight!

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We received access to it earlier this week.

Thanks for the reply!

Can I get access. Working on a large piece…