Tiling question

I have done a lot of tiling on my machine and everything has worked well. I searched the tiling questions and did not see an answer for what i was looking for. When ever i tiled before i always had a straight edge i was cutting and covered part of what i wanted to cut then moved my board and slid the program down to my zero. What i am doing now is 40" long and curved. I was wondering if i cover half of it and cut the first half slide the board down and cover the half i just cut will it want to move up to 20" and start cutting or will it start at zero. Since it only has 1 straight edge i was afraid to slide it down in the program and try to get it lined back up right. Any help would be nice. Thanks

You will have to move the workpiece and move it in Easel the same. Place the work zero exactly the same in easel as it is on the workpiece

I figured that but i just wanted to be sure. Thanks Phillip

Just be very careful when you move the project. Good luck

That was the reason i did not want to move it. Keeping it straight with where it is will be hard to do…

Find a common reference point. Hopefully along the straight edge

I might lay it out and use my pencil holder and run thru the program and see how it looks that way. Pencil marks can be sanded away. Trial and error no harm no foul.

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