Tiling with a surfaced top

Curious about how to go about tiling on a wasteboard that has been surfaced.

Do you mean you’ve surfaced it so that there’s a lip preventing you from sliding the piece?

Havent tried anything yet but YES. If I surface the top then there is going to be a lip somewhere.

The best option would be to take care of the lip. You’ll have to remove the wasteboard to do that.
If you have Z to spare, an easier option is to add a supplemental wasteboard that can be entirely surfaced by your machine.
Lastly, you could shim the stock up.

Well I spend most of the evening yesterday checking out the machine. I found out that the majority of my issue was an unlevel gantry. Just curious if you know how flat; surfacing, would give me. After fixing the gantry I am within 6 thousanths anywhere on the board.

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