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Tilting for storage

I do a bunch of stuff I’m my shop and real estate is precious. I’m considering building a tilt mechanism but am concerned that the machine won’t like being bolted down solid. Anyone have any experience in this?

Bolting it to a solid surface is a great choice. You can use some simple L brackets, or get fancy with these that fasten right to the frame.

I’d use at least 2 layers of 3/4" plywood and not since 1/2" potatoe chipped piece

I haven’t unpacked it yet (we got it Wednesday and are chest deep in 4th quarter order fulfillment) but checked out the leg jack attachment points and I think I can put some jack screws in my subframe to handle leveling. I’m using .095 2” tubing for the framework so once it’s attached it should stay put. Thanks for the confirmation! I hate to screw up a new machine ….

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I believe the feet are M10x1.5. Get some long bolts that come up through the bottom of your worktop/fasten to your subframe. Pre-threading nuts and washers onto the bolts allows you to level the machine frame relative to the worktop. If you have an aluminum extrusion or 2x4 or something else of consistent thickness, it makes it very easy to set a consistent height of the frame relative to the worktop and then secure the M10x1.5 bolt from below.

With 6 points of contact on the frame, as long as you have everything well-secured, I’m guessing that a setup like this could be more rigid than a machine that sits on a work surface on the six provided feet.

Be careful when tipping the machine up to storage position–the machine is heavy. Consider purchasing a hoist and lifting strap.

Be sure to jog the machine to the extent of whichever axis will be closest to the ground to minimize gantry movement when switching to your storage position.