Time changes once project starts

So I am currently very frustrated with the simulation times and actual times being so different. Had a detailed time of 54 minutes with the simulation but as soon as I hit carve it blew out to over 2 hours. Any ways of actually achieving the simulation times or will I just be disappointed thinking it will change?

Welcome to the forum, Easel is a good one stop shopping for learning your CNC, I do all my jobs in Easel. It has its drawbacks and tool paths on Pro are one of its pitfalls. It doesn’t make the best decisions on efficiency. I have noticed small differences in what you are seeing between the simulate and actual and its fairly accurate on simple projects.

On very detailed projects Easel may show you an hour after you hit carve but actually it may take 2. I have seen these differences mainly on the the Aztec calendars Star wars, Marvel.

Easel will do a lot if you just learn to use it but it does have its pitfalls. I am hoping as the new model comes on line the promises of the software getting better follow with it.

I have a project to run later this morning I will see what it says the before/after/actual times are and report back.