Time remaining rather than total time

I would like to see Easel changed to show the time remaining rather than the total time. When I am part way through a two or so hour carve I sometimes forget what the starting time was. I would like to see Easel show the time remaining or both, I believe there is room on the screen. Right now I have mounted a dry erase board on top of my monitor and put the starting time and estimate the time it will be completed. Sometimes I forget to write down the times.

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Phil, this is a great tip. I have always been afraid to touch Easel while in the middle of a carve… I mean not touch ANYTHING in fear of screwing up my work. Is there anything else in Easel that you can touch while mid carve? Do you know if you can open another tab with a different project while a carve is underway? Sorry for all the ?'s but this is exciting news.

You Rock!.. Thanks,

This ^ If your using some sort of cheaper computer, then I would continue doing what you are doing, no reason to risk crashing a long carve. That or invest in a cheap pc to use as a dedicated pc to run the carve and use your current pc to design while carving.

My computer has plenty of ponies, its an i3 Pentium 2.7Ghz with 16Gb RAM running Windows 10, dedicated to the X-Carve so shouldn’t have any issues in that regard. I tried clicking the “simulate” mid carve a few times yesterday and it just displays the total project time that it stated before I began, it does not count down at all, is it supposed to?