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Tip Recommendations?

New to X-Carve and awaiting delivery on machine with question for veteran users… looking to build my inventory of carving 1/8 and 1/4" carving bits ahead of time to use on a variety of v carve and cut out 1/2"+ Baltic Birch projects. Any suggestions on a starter list of tip types, sizes, reference info and/or mfgrs ie., Whiteside, etc.? I’ve downloaded the Inventables color coded tip chart / mostly 1/8" and 1/16" diameters and wonder if I should also standardize on 1/4" since X-Pro has larger collet. Thanks very much for help and guidance!


Welcome to the forum, for the V bits I use Tools Today, Amana bits with the replaceable carbide insets. My go to for MDF and ply is the standard 1/8" two flute from Inventables

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It comes with a 1/4 downcut (mine was downcut, looks like it’s been switched to upcut on the website) and a 90* v bit.

I’ve added a 1/4" shank 60* v bit from Inventables, I already had 1/8" upcut and 1/8" downcut bits, and I stole (borrowed…) a 1/4" upcut from my trim router. All of my bits so far are 1/4" shank. These are what I use most often, and these are also the bits I try to make sure I have spares of.

For fun, I’m experimenting with a 1/4" ball endmill. I plan to get a compression bit to try out sometime soon as well.

My bits are a mix of LMT Onsrud, Whiteside and Amana.

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Thanks very much! One of the reasons, among others, that I chose the XCP was this forum and I hope to be able to pay forward some experience in the very near future…

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So should we be expecting to see some 3D carving from you soon?

I just have to convince my wife she really needs to build a project that requires a bit I don’t have. “Sorry honey, we can’t make that without a a 60 degree bit. :man_shrugging:t2:

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