Tips for installing the 24V spindle in the spindle mount

Did anyone else have an exceptionally frustrating time trying to get the spindle into the mount? With the spacer in place I’m having to place a wrench in the opening to try to pry the thing apart enough to get it in there. One time I got it in pretty far but then it got stuck and for a while I couldn’t get it any farther in or remove it.

At this point, I managed to get it out and figured I must be doing something wrong. I watched the video and the guy just one finger pushes it into the mount. What the heck is wrong with my spindle/mount?

Are you making sure the wiring is lined up properly with the groove? mine slide right in with out forcing it.

Yea. The wiring is out of the way, but I can’t even get it started sliding in without heavy prying on the mount itself and even then I can’t get it farther in than about 1/2" no matter how hard I push/pry.

edit: I should clarify that the wiring isn’t an issue because trying to put the spindle in from the top, I’m almost 2 inches away from where the wiring would be near the collar of the mount anyway.

I’m thinking it has to be a milling issue on the mount or something. The spindle seems to be the same size as my previous 48V spindle with the spacer in place, so I feel like that size hasn’t changed (since both are supposed to fit into the same mount).

I took my digital calipers to the check the diameter of the mount. From the front to the back it measures 53.5mm. From left to right it measures 51mm. The spindle is 52mm outer diameter.

This matches up with what I see when I start to push the spindle in. It looks like the hole is an oval, not a circle.

Hmm if it looks oval then i would talk to inventibles about it as thats not good at all.

I am also having this issue as we speak. @JamesSinger did you ever figure anything out? I just emailed them but i’m trying to get this thing done asap. I’m off tomorrow woo hoo!!! gonna carve something if i can!

I heard back from them today. They’re going to send me a replacement spindle mount. The person that replied to my email said that since that part is extruded if it was near the start or end of a batch it could have been slightly deformed. I don’t know how likely that is, but if the new one fits then that conclusion is as good as any. In my case, I fell back to using the one I had been using on my Shapeoko 2 until the new mount arrives.

Thanks for the reply. I may have to do the same as I can tell it is out of round with the spindle forced in there and the screws don’t reach. I may try to use it just to get everything set up until I receive a new one though. Haven’t heard back from them yet…

hey at least you could get your spindle in there. I was prying the thing apart with a giant wrench and I still couldn’t get it more than a little way into the mount. Mine was quite a bit out of round for a part that needs close tolerances.

I know what you mean. Thought I was going to break it. It should hold good enough for me to do the hello world and some light carving until I hear back. Got it all up and working, now I just need it to be daytime so I can take it down to the shop!!

I’m also having the same problem with the dewalt 611 mount. it is oval shaped and i can’t pry it open enough to get the router in more than an inch. I’m hesitant to pry it open any further. if anyone has a solution I would appreciate hearing it.

I used one of the wrenches that came with my X-Carve and just wedged it into the opening. By prying it open further, I was able to slide the Dewalt into the holder. Without using a tool to pry it open, there’s no way it was going to fit.

Just be careful and not over pry the mount. it took some time but mine was tight as well and i used a piece of wood to pry it open enough to get it in. but it works great.

I had to use the pry and force technique as well. Little blood and a bandaid, it is in.

I’ve tried the prying with a screwdriver plus pre-heating the carriage with a hair dryer, still no success :frowning:

I am planning to order one of the x carve with this spindle, just wonder whether the spindle is compatible with both 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch bits shank?