Tips for spherical bits

Hi, i’m new here and a newbee in the world of CNC in general, so i’m asking you sorry in advance if i will do silly questions but i have to learn a lot about carving and working on a CNC.
I recently bought a X-Carve and i start learning the difference between all the bits. I saw a video on you tube in which a master carpenter was using a ball end bits (or spherical head bits not sure about the name), so o looked through the inventables shop but didn’t find any bits like that one (here is the link at that video where you can see the bit i speak about: 이게 가구야? 작품이야? 외국에서만 보던 원목가구가 한국에도! 아머드 거실장/TV장 armored tv cabinet 아트퍼니처 - YouTube minutes 13:18) is it possible to to something like that with the X-Carve? If yes which is the right bits to something like that?

Thanks in advance for your replies

I see a spherical bit being used, but that design can also easily be made with a standard ball bit as well, however that toolpath can only be made in easel by tricking the software into thinking its a vbit, that is the only way easel can make 3d toolpaths.

However other true 3d software is more suited to create the 3d toolpath can be used with the x-carve and display it properly, those other softwares will also accept a ball or even spherical bit if that’s what you want to use.

So to answer your question, yes you can make that with x- carve, and a round tipped bit: ball or spherical will work fine.

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Thanks a lot for your help SethCNC, with a standard ball bits i can do the same work but it will take more time right? because it cannot be finished with a single pass. I was also thinking on creating a similar design on Fusion 360 (that i’m learning how to use it), if i will use a standard ball bit i would have to design all that concave shape, but if i use a spherical bit I’ll just have to draw a wavy, up and down shape, arranging it in parallel rows, considering the diameter of the bit head. Then in Easel I tell the software that I’m going to use a v-bit and instead I’ll use a spherical one. Right? It might work?
Last question (i’m sorry to bothering you) which softwares are more suited to do 3d toolpath and that can be used with the x-carve?

thanks again for your help i really appreciate it

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