Tips on configuration, circles are not coming out round

Pvc engraving with a diamond drag bit. Will be doing this on aluminum …I tightened the belts, about to get a fish scale and follow the specs posted, tightened the eccentric nuts . Haven’t messed with the potentiometers yet…any advice. As you can see even a easy cut comes out wacky. I started with a v bit on aluminum and this was the results, switched to pvc for practice and the diamond drag bit is the bit i will want to use…I found the post that explained the eccentric nuts had to be tight so you can’t turn the wheel and the belts have to be tight…so i have been adjusting them and at this point i don’t know where to go from here. keep trying to make adjustments, or should i be looking at something else? I’m using easel, stock spindle , nema 23 steppers, 500mm kit, and the diamond drag bit is ran with the spindle off. thanks

You may want to follow this link.

Thank you so much! I’ll do this first thing tomorrow am and post my results.

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Are they not round or just the wrong size? If they are the wrong size then calibration will help. If they are not round then your in the same boat as me. Ive been messing with this problem for over 5 weeks and nothing is corrected it yet.

they are not round…it seems there are many post on correcting this…i have been too busy to work on this yet but im going to zip tie the belt ends and get a fish scale to adjust the tension. good luck

I hope you figure it out. I spent 2 hours with customer support and still no fix. I even purposely adjusted it a 1/16 of a inch out and no change. I have this dam machine square, belts adjusted to 3 lbs at 1 inch of pull, and v wheels just as everyone says.

I have the same problem. Trying to make name tags but the letters don’t line up exactly. For example with routing a capital D the start and end point are off ever so slightly as to be a real annoyance.