To Buy or Not to Buy

I would really like an X-Carve, but I don’t know if it will be worth the $900 it costs, especially if I won’t be able to even successfully put it together.

If I were to get one, however, what are the necessary (and cheapest yet still usable) things I need to buy off this website?

If you have the time to invest in properly assembling and tuning your machine, it’ll be worth it. :slight_smile: If you’re looking for something to “just work”, the X-Carve probably isn’t for you.

If all you’re going to carve is wood, start with just a few basic bits and clamps and upgrade from there.

And if you want to go as cheap as possible but still stick with Xcarve there is always the option to buy 2nd hand.
Should you later decide the Xcarve wasn’t for you you’ll easily recoup much of your initial cost.
That could actually be the least expensive route to go :slight_smile: