Toilet Seat

You can tell you have way too much time on your hands when you inlay your toilet seat!

Here you can see my boo boo. (On the left side) Forgot to “0” my inside cut before I cut the inlay part. But caught it in time and was able to restart and saved the piece. Won’t be the last time I do that I’m sure!

I decided to make inlay (Monkeypod wood) raised (not flush with surface). The veneer on the seat was so thin I would have probably sanded thru it making the inlay flush. Rounded all the top edges of the inlay and just press fit into seat cutout. Figured I wouldn’t glue it in case I change my mind later on. Cut the female .125" and inlay sticks up approx .100". Used a tolerance fitting on the inlay generator of .005 and this worked out to be perfect. Last one at .01" was a little too tight. This one I can push in with my fingers.

Guess now I have to leave the seat down!


Very nice! This would definitely help me remember to put the lid down… :laughing:


P.S. Is there a hidden meaning in using a symbol for “Good Luck” on a toilet seat? :laughing:

No hidden meaning with the symbol. It’s a Hawaiian symbol for “Honu” (turtle) That is seen in old Petroglyph’s carve in rock. As far as it’s purpose or meaning.
“If you sit on the Honu…don’t do your business”

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Hey @JeffParish,

I seem to remember that you said you were a graphic artist. We’ve got a stamp making/block printing contest going on over on another thread that specifically gives bonus points for Projects done with the collaboration of a graphic artist. If you can cooperate with yourself long enough to crank out something cool, there might be an Inventables gift card in it for you…


Sounds good. I’ll see if I can get the creative juices flowing, but having to cooperate with my self might be a bit of a problem.

Very nice work :smile:
You could do the same on the underside of the lid. Then it can stay open all the time :smile:

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If he put it on the underside of the seat he wouldn’t have to put that down either!

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OK. Next project: A solid wood seat! :grinning:

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Yeah, solid Koa, inlayed with Mother of Pearl and Gold Leaf…

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Looks great!
Just curious, why not take it down flush? I see the seat is not solid oak, is the veneer too thin for sanding or is it vinyl wrap?

Never mind, I should have read first. :wink:

He said “flush”…


I don’t know about time on your HANDS, but it might mean you spend too much time elsewhere! :smile: Seriously though - Nice job!!