Tool Length

Can we specify the length of tools? The 1/16" from the end-mill starter kit is pretty short, and I have seen deeper portions trying to be cut. You could throw a warning window up about this.

I have same problem as well, they’re all short. I found this but it’s .36. Long enough. Still looking for even 1/8 with over 20mm.

Smaller tools should be shorter, but without Easel knowing how short, bad things can happen. :wink:

The 1/16" end mill in the starter kit flares out to 1/8" fairly quickly.

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This is a #64 Drill bit that is .036" diameter. It is not an end mill. You can only drill holes with this tool.

Drilling a hole in hard plastic would require a RPM of 40,000 and a feed rate of 30 ipm

The longest length of cut I found so far is 3/16" for a 1/16" end mill.


Thanks David, I’m actually writing letters and small details with, depth is no more than 0.1", it is doing the job, but like you’re saying, it is not the proper tool. I just purchased some bits for daily cutting. It’s from Chine but hey, can’t find bit longer than 17mm.

Try this if you must go deep… pricey though.

That’s 2" overall length, cutting depth 0.470. Shank is long.

Here’s what I found. Exactly what I’m looking for. 1/8" shank, .86" cutting depth. This is 0.078 cut diameter. Now I’m looking for .125 cut diameter as well as 1/4" cut with same length.

Here is the lovely 1/4" shank 1/4" cutting dia. 1" cutting depth, overall length is 2 1/2". Price tag is $24.47 with free shipping.