Tool path only simulating half my project

I set up a project and have a blue line box that is partially in my workpiece and partially outside my workpiece. My preview looks fine, but when I simulate the tool paths it only simulates the area of the blue box that sits halfway into my workpiece. The other half shows no tool paths. Essentially, if I started the job, only that half would carve. It’s obvious that this blue box is the issue. I did rotate my project and adjusted the material size accordingly. However it appears as though this blue line box frames the material or project prior to these changes. Thoughts?

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Sounds like you have tiling enabled but didn’t want to use it.

Yes, it sounds like it is tiling into two different areas to carve.

I would guess that your workpiece is as large or larger than your machine, and that is why it wants to tile the work. You need to tell Easel that your workpiece is smaller than the maximum dimensions of the machine. So for example, my Masuter 4040 has a maximum size of 380mm x 400mm. I never enter a workpiece as being larger than 379mm x 399mm.

You can also toggle “Tiling” off in the Material selection window.

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