Tool path problems

Hi all,
When doing a 2 stage carve, why does easel insist on cutting out the border with the finish V bit?

Example: I am carving a pocket cut of a bear with pine trees in the design, the practical part of cutting out 90% of the project with a 1/4" 2-flute straight seems to make sense followed by a 60º V bit for the fine detail. All seems well except for the last portion of the design which is the border frame cutout with tabs…The tool path is set to cut this with the V bit at full thickness even though the frame is set for cut outside tool path and there is more than enough material to allow for the 1/4" bit to accomplish…I had the complete project done with the frame to go and on the second path it exploded as the V bit when super deep and ran off path…
In hindsight, I did review the tool path preview and saw the detail pass was in the frame but didn’t believe it. I now know how dumb I was to think it wasn’t going to happen that way. Other than selecting just the frame to start and then restarting the project by deleting the frame cut to get the remainder of the project complete; is there anything else I could have done or do for the future?

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Youd need to use multiple workpieces in order to control which bit is used for which section…
See how here

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THANK YOU. I will check it out.



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