Tool probe mach3

Any suggestions on wiring tool probe on this controller?

It doesn’t seem to have any inputs.

can you give us the model of the controller?
I need to see its Data sheet

UGH I hate it when the Chinese do not post the manuals!
The best I could find is this one! -->
I need the pinouts diagram. They do talk about being able to do probeing but the part that talks about that is in the software. There is a lot of people selling this cheap board with the same photos. Some show a connector near the CPU and others do not and this is the same add.
Wish people would not post selling these without documentation.

If you have one of these boards and you have the pin labels even if its in Chinese then please scan and post it. whats on the net is junk and will not help much.

Otherwise I cannot locate a pin input for the probe.

Most Mach 3 boards have at least 4 inputs for E stop, probe, limit and single step override. They also have at least 3 outputs for clockwise,counter clockwise and mist/flood coolant. I am playing with my sixth chinese board and haven’t had one that worked right This one is looks particular bad.Guessing which switch is which is a very bad idea.This board doesn’t have any non motor inputs. My advice is to send it back as soon as possible and do more research on MACH 3 CONTROL BOARDS on E-Bay.Look at the diagrams and get a feeling on what is and is not on the board.

I am using Mach3 and using the gecko G540 board.
I am interfacing it with the smooth stepper and all is working great.
I chose this path due to recommendations I seen on this forum.
I am glad I followed them.
I have the entire system up and running again. Just need to calibrate and do some test runs.
I will post a video of how I hooked mine up and what is needed and the settings. Should help others who choose this path.


How is your tool sensor wired? Do they have a USB model?

yes they have a usb model
Tool Sensor? do you mean probe?
I will do a full write up this weekend and show how I hooked everything up.

With everything I have read, go with the ethernet smoothstepper not the USB version. There are some issues with the USB version…check the mach3 forums. The ethernet version works great.

There are tons of inputs that can be used to wire up a probe, and pretty much anything else you can think of :slight_smile: as well as plenty of outputs.

Thank you Sir

Yes I use the ethernet version of the smooth stepper. Works like a champ