Tool Storage for Standard X-Carve Kit

My weekend project:

Edit: Here is my Easel project:


Nice work. Looks very professional.

Do you have the pattern to share? I would love to carve that for my tools.

Whoops! I meant to include it in the original post.

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I just cut out your Tool Storage project and i noticed nothing fits.Is there something i did wrong? Do i need to do a detail cut? I cut it with a 1/8 upcut bit.

Sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for you. Nothing fits? Not even the parts where you can store the bits? Those are essentially drilled holes.

It sounds like you used the right bit. It doesn’t require a detail pass. Maybe it has something to do with calibrating your machine (I’m no expert there). When I was designing this, I did a bunch of test carves to get the sizes right for each of the pieces. Maybe the differences between our machines are just enough that it’s not working or you.

Hey Matt I’m pretty sure my calibration is off and that’s y. I got everything to work just fine