Tooling marks?

Any help welcome! Is there a way to not get these tool path marks when carving? Or is it something I just have to sand out?

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I’m not really seeing toolpaths…can you zoom in to show what you’re looking at?

One cause of toolpaths would be a bit that wasn’t perfectly flat-bottomed; another would be too-aggressive feed rates (causing the bit to angle slightly).

Research tramming.
The spindle needs to be square the the work surface in all directions.

Both of these are likely culprits, but I’m leaning toward a not-flat-end bit. Those edges look fairly clean to me, which suggests a down-cut bit, and alot of those are usually fish-tail-end.

Thanks for the replies looks like the culprit is downcut but thanks for the help

It actually look pretty good. Did you use the new raster feature in easel to do the pocket area?