Toolpath coding changes

Normally with a router bit, you take a counterclockwise movements on the edge of the wood with a bit turning clockwise. Easel does not normally do this. I could possible suspect this puts a lot of stresses on the mechanicals of the system and DOES at times allow chattering.

Also, please correct coding for traveling between carved areas and only raising the bit 1/8" of an inch. Many of my projects utilize a carved pocket of 1/4" with lettering in the pocket of 1/8" or more and the bit drags over my lettering destroying my carve. I have changed the safety height to 1/2" and that works but some other portions it will only lift 1/8" inch and drag over in a slow transition.

Regarding direction of cut, I believe Easel does what is referred to as climb cutting. I’m most cases that produces the best finish without tear out. It does however increase the chance of chatter if too aggressive or machine is loose. Most other CAM softwares provide option of climb cut or conventional path. Materials are also a consideration when choosing direction.

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The issue where the tool paths causing the bit to skim the surface of a plane at that plane’s height has been raised several times. Recently it has been showing itself more I do believe. Several weeks ago, I mentioned the exact same issue because the machine was doing rapids at the exact height of an already milled section, and it was causing me to have mini-heart-attacks because it was in aluminum. With the machine tolerances what they are any travel across a plane should be, at minimum, that plane’s height plus the safety height in my opinion. It was stated, at least at that time, that the development team is aware and working on the issue.


Brandon Parker

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