Toolpath Improvements, Ramping, Safety Heights and More!

In our recent Easel Live event we made lots of announcements about improvements to Easel. Here are a few videos that quickly give an overview of what each feature is and how it helps.

Let us know what questions you’ve got!

Safety Heights

Retract Rate



Tool Path Improvements

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Why am I not seeing the Plunge Method option under Cut Settings?

Ramping isn’t released quite yet but stay tuned, it will be very shortly!

Even for those that have opted in for Beta testing? BTW, love the progress you folks are making on Easel. Some days I wish it wasn’t internet based due to sketchy connections in the shop, but I do like that the app can be easily updated without the user having to do anything.

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Yeh it will be released into Beta very soon, sorry about any confusion there might have been from the event!

You can actually use Easel offline, once your project is loaded up in your browser, it will work just fine for connecting to your machine and running jobs. You can also make “tweaks” to your design while disconnected. Your changes will not be saved, however, until you reconnect to the Internet and make another change to your project to trigger the autosave.

That’s good to know! Thanks!

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Great work by the Inventables team, these are awesome improvements!


@Ben-Saks and team are killing it, can’t wait for you all to see what’s coming next!


A lot of great features here! Looking forward to using all the new and soon-to-be released features!