Toolpaths from vectric aspire to my xcarve

Hi everyone :smiley:

Anyone can help me how can i carve a vectric free project with my xcarve? :smiley:

Or anyone tried to carve this clock before?

Thank you.

Do you have Vectric Aspire v8.0 or above? That is required to do this project.

Yes :smiley:

I have the version 8.0 exactly

Have you worked with Aspire before to generate toolpaths and cut on your X-Carve yet? I would go through some of the tutorials before I jumped into this project.

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I just used the easel before. I am beginner but i really want to learn to generate toolpaths and carve in 3d :smiley:

I highly recommend the tutorial videos. I have found them incredibly helpful. Watching the videos and following along in the software. Because Aspire is the โ€œupgradedโ€ version of VCarve all of the videos should be of use.

When you are ready there are several threads on loading and customizing post processors and sending g-code. (Aspire should uses the same post processors and VCarve. )