Topic for free stl for various projects - BACKGROUNDS AND TEXTURES

This forum has a great search function which includes several of these threads already, and it’s free!

J u s t
k i d d i n g
Phil :grin:

And If there was 1 thread dedicated to all free STL types then finding what you are looking for should be much easier.

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But I was suggesting a forum topic just for free files that people want to share and that topic could have sub-topics for specific file types.

that would make it easy to understand where to look for these files.

Wonder if there’s a way to have an organized like Dropbox type of thing
Textures go here
Holiday stuff goes here (then have sub files, Halloween, Christmas)
Other stuff like animals, flowers, buildings

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Ok, I am not sure if this good enough or what your quality standard is, but here is my contribution. Made two diamond pattern and uploaded to thingiverse


A brick wall pattern


I’m not trying to take over this topic with a “how-to” so this comment can get deleted if someone can point me in the right direction but can someone help me understand how to take one of these backgrounds and make a sign with text on top of it? I don’t have v-carve to preferably fusion360 if that’s the right tool.

Trying to put text on top of this background. Thanks.