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Собрал станок не могу запустить.Электроника подключена на карте моргает сигнал но нет движения

“The assembled machine won’t start. The electronics are connected on the card, the signal is blinking but there is no movement”

Are the stepper motors energized when you turn on the unit? They will be harder to turn than when the machine is off.

Make sure that your computer is sending at the right bit rate for the controller. I believe that the bit rate should be 115200 bits per second.

Sorry, my Russian is so out of practice that I have to use English.

Make sure the E-stop switch is released.

Где этот переключатель?
Скорость 115200 поставил.Нет результата

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“Where is this switch?
Speed ​​115200 delivered. No result”

For the X-carve to move, it must be controlled by software. Some people use Easel…


Other people use products like UGS…


If you use software like UGS, it is important that you set the bit rate to match what is used on the X-carve.


“If you spin the engine with your hands, then there is a light indication on the board.”

Yes, as you spin the stepper motors they act like a generator and this powers the lights. This indicates that your stepper motors are connected to your controller board. When your controller is powered on, the steppers should become stiff to turn because the controller is holding them still.

To make the controller move the stepper motors, the controller must be connected to a computer using a USB cable and the computer must send G-code instructions to the controller.

Is your controller connected to your computer and is the computer logged into the Easel website?

Да кабель подключен.Компьютер зарегистрирован.Но мольберт пишет что не видит кабель.
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“Yes the cable is connected. The computer is logged in. But Easel doesn’t see the connection.
Thank you so much that you help me !!!”

This sounds like you may have a driver issue. The a driver is the software piece that allows your computer to properly communicate with the controller. This page at inventables talks about that.


You may want to google other resources that talk about USB drivers.

все драйвера установленны как указанно на сайте.не могу прописать плату ардуино уно

“All the drivers are installed as indicated on the site. I cannot write to the Arduino Uno board.”

You should look locally to see if someone can help you with the PC to Arduino communication.

You should be careful if your testing involves writing new ‘SKETCHES’ to the Arduino. If you do that, the sketch containing the GRBL G-code processor will be overwritten. This isn’t a problem, but you will need to flash a new copy of GRBL onto the Arduino when you are finally ready to control your X-Carve.

You should look in your ‘DEVICES’ section of ‘CONTROL PANEL’ to see if the PC sees the Arduino Uno. There are web pages that can help you with this.

I feel like the E-stop check was skipped over…

Make sure the big red button on top of the X-Controller is pulled out (twist in the direction of the arrows and pull) - you’ll feel and hear it pop out. To verify, try pushing it back in (again, you’ll hear and feel a definite “pop”).

Nazmal balshuju krasnaju knopku na X-Controller?

In English this is an “Emergency Stop” or E-stop button. Your X-controller has this for safety reasons. If your X-carve began to carve in the wrong location, you would slap your hand down on the button and it would halt the machine. To get the button back up, you have to turn it in the direction of the arrows and it will pop back up. For your X-controller to work, the switch in the back of the controller must be switched from Zero to One and your big red Emergency Stop button must be twisted into the UP position.


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