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TOS page incomplete or linked to an old one maybe?

Which TOS applies to the forum? (maybe these links to the TOS and privacy policy are legacy ones and need updated?)
When I clicked terms of service at the top of this about page (see photo) About - Inventables Community Forum

I was forwarded to this TOS, but it appears incomplete… and last updated in 2013 & missing important information from the first few parts identifying the company running the site…

of course the same host page also links to this TOS in the FAQ page too… FAQ - Inventables Community Forum

Not sure what you’re looking for exactly.
Maybe this helps:

My post was not a request for information so much as It was an advisement to Inventables staff that their forum contains links to incomplete TOS and Privacy Policies so that they can fix said links and redirect to the correct locations.

Kinda hard to tell which one actually applies, the one that internal links drive the user to or the one that is posted as a topic post within the forum. :man_shrugging:

One would expect the linked one to be the legally binding agreement.

Thanks though.

You’re welcome.

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Btw @InventablesDevelopme the button to report a post also links to those same 2013 terms via that “our community guidelines” link :man_shrugging:

@SethCNC thanks for the heads up. I’m looking into this and will get it updated.

Out of curiosity was there something specific you were looking for in the TOS?

Just to inform yall that there are more than one linked throughout the forum, I’m assuming the 2013 which is incompete is not the right one, but is linked to in a way that would likely have precedent over the newer one.

Having the 2013 one still linked to throughout is an unnecessary liability.

Gottcha, it’s been updated. Thanks for the heads up, looks like that was just the boiler point template that came when we installed the forum.

Everything is basically this:

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