Total Newbie so please bare with me!

:slight_smile: i everyone so im a total newbie to cnc and easel software etc etc. Im 10 days in now (i realise that its going to be a few months until i stop making so many silly mistakes).
I have so far managed to make some signs with a vcarve bit and used compression to rough first etc, so i kind of understand some basic stuff (but it seems forever variables make a massive difference?) ive also made cut outs and experimented in simple shapes text polycarb aluminium etc .
The question i would like some help with is
“i took a japanese flag from the pro library design, added the super gradient app …it showed up on the easel preview exactly how i would have liked it to look but,having already given the bit sizes for roughing and detail. I decided to keep the work area small less than 120mm to save time and wood if it didnt work” “the long and short of it is it came out similar to the preview but nowhere near the detail of the flag and missed the fins of the main flag out, i then tried something less detailed still a japanese flag the image above< looked lovely on the preview but just didnt transpire into anything”
is this normal or is it user error and i need more practice. it took about 4hrs (probably longer ) !!:slight_smile: :rofl: :joy:
if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.
cnc oozenest z1 plus,makita router,amana bit 6.35 and the detail was a long pointy bit no name or brand 30 degree angle 3.175 shank from amazon . I have now ordered some angled jenny bits. Thank you

Easel - jap test.pdf (594.6 KB)
thought i would show the preview as well.

Did you surface the workpiece on the CNC prior to carving?
If not than that would be highly recommended. Additionally Setting Z zero is imperative to obtaining detail when using Vbits. so set Z zero atop the specific section that the carve will take place, do not set z zero at the front corner of the board as that may be a different height plane and in your case it appears that z zero is set higher than the actual top of the board. however This trick of setting it directly atop the carve area can only be accomplished within Easel IF you are using a Z probe because you can set X,Y zeros at the front left, then jog to any location to set Z zero using the probe, but you cannot do this using the paper Z zero method, not within Easel anyway.

IF you are starting with a freshly Planed board that is of even thickness and not Cupped/bowed, than this method will also work rather than surfacing on the CNC…

Side note, I suggest abbreviating Japan using the acronym JPN . >> Jap - Wikipedia.

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Hi Seth thank you for the reply .
The wood I used was brand new plained wood roughly 11” by 15” (uk roof ridge board) so I guessed ( maybe wrongly )it would be fairly flat I will check it though.
I set all the axis including Z ,via left front corner using a probe and started the carve probably 1 inch away from that corner . I made a decision to try the easiest software to start with and then move if required to something else .
I’m probably expecting too much of myself for 12days to get everything right.
I’ll have a look at the video and I do appreciate the help. Thank you
Regarding the jpn. I must amend the gcode that many times it’s untrue (forget this add that etc that I lose track of the names and start to get lazy)