Totally give up lol

Finally decided to give up after whole month on trail version and still not completed one single piece without it failing going wrong etc finally calling it a day and throwing machine in bin lol

just a month ?? it takes longer than that to learn how to crawl. then you have to learn how to walk.

don’t be a quitter, check this out
(682) Paw Paw’s WorkShop - YouTube


I agree but gonna have to pay monthly subscribe to attept to learn lol not even 1 single complete job

What are you paying for?
Easel is free.
Only the Pro option has a fee.


well, you can likely sell the machine and recover 50-80% of what you paid for it.

That said, if you show photos of the latest carve and also share the Easel project we can show you what you’d need to do differently to have good results.

3018 owners will benefit a TON by joining the SainSmart Facebook group for a ton of likeminded, 3018 owners to provide guidance aimed at that specific model cnc.

what do you need to know i would be happy to get you on the right path

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Hi guys sorry been trying to reply and been getting failed notification , the rough cut goes fine soon as i change bit to finishing bit it either times out and wont start so im asuming got something wrong , so change back to standard finishing bit setting and it will start but rips work to bits tried to upload pic of bits i brought buf wont upload

Bits i brought

you have a pic of whats happening

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