Touch Pad Question

I recently performed the Z axis upgrade and since then I have issues with the touch plate.
When I allow the unit to probe prior to doing a cut, all seems to go well.
When I start my cut it seems to think that zero is .07" above the surface. Is there an area that I can set the thickness of my touch plate?

Yes, there is.
You would have to redo the machine setup, and on the page where you test the probe there is a grey “advanced settings” button at the bottom. Select that and you’ll have the ability to alter the thickness of the probe

Thanks Seth,

Its been so long since I set this machine up that I am not sure where the set-up instructions are at. Do you know if there is a link to that somewhere?

At the top menu of easel go to machine>setup machine.

Make sure to select the “pre nov 2021” option

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