Touch probe compatibility?

Sorry if this is a dumb question but does anyone know if there are any touch probes that work with the X Carve Pro? If so, what would I need to get one to work? Obviously the probe but would I need an additional software program as well? Thanks I’m advance for any guidance anyone can provide. Be well.

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No special software is needed for the z probe… easel works with z probes just fine.
(Jump to 7:18 of this video to see it in action)

if you wanted to use a xyz probe you could export the gcode from easel (or your preferred toolpathing software) and the send with more powerful sender line openbuilds control, with a xyz probe wizard built right in. Some people prefer UGS as their sender, it also has a process for using xyz probe as well. (Of course these both also support the same z probe shown in that first video as well…)

There are a few thousand X Carve users that use the Triquetra 3 Axis touch plate. Search this forum for Triquetra Touch Plate and you will find more reading than you will want to consume.

Charley Thomas
Triquetra CNC

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Sincerest of thanks for your thoughtful responses. This will definitely help me out. Very much appreciated. Have a great day and be well.


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