Touch probe with X-Carve?

I am new to CNC, program computers for a living, and do woodworking in my spare time. One of the first projects I’d like to do with the X-Carve is to trace an existing piece of carved wood moulding using a touch probe and replicate it.

I’ve seen a few touch probes on the market that claim compatibility with Mach3 and LinuxCNC (I would probably use one or the other with the X-Carve). Is it possible to wire a touch probe to your controller? Will you offer a touch probe as an accessory?

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Welcome @GeorgeWesolowski we are glad to have you here.

We do have a touch off probe in the works. On this thread @BartDring talks about it and shows a picture in the sneak preview
Homing cf. Tool Length Setting

Another way to do it would be to take a picture and trace it in a program like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator.

Zach, thanks for the reply and the welcome. It’s great to get a reply directly from the CEO!

As someone who will use the machine primarily for woodworking, I would use a touch probe for 3D tracing of small carvings. The one’s I’ve seen have the electrical contact(s) within the probe itself so it can be used to “touch off” on a non-metallic surface. You then run a tracing routine which visits every x,y point in the piece and uses the probe to get (and record) the depth at each point.

I’ve never even considered a software solution to tracing but that definitely seems viable as well.

I am going to play around with both methods when I get my machine (order placed).

There’s lots of good information on this site and I am looking forward to getting going with the X-carve, and participating in the forum. Thanks again …

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This is a set up from Brian Oltrogge that he made up for his CNC machine. He posted the free plans on cnczone.
Here is a link to the forum post:

And here is a post to his design plans for the probe he created.

It would be big for this machine but basically just scale down the design.

Hey zach, any update on the touch probe?

No, not a Z touch plate. A 3D Touch probe, like the original guy was asking about. To trace/scan in items to your CAD software. Similar to the he one Shark makes.

No, a 3D Touch probe/scanner.

What Zach was referring to in his post is a touch off probe (what most call a Z probe).

What you’re looking for, from a GRBL perspective, is possible but would need a separate piece of software to work. You’re essentially trying to create a model from a carving.

In my opinion, you’d be better off using a laser measuring device to analyze the surface. I feel like you could snap some digitizing probes if feed rates aren’t controlled properly or with certain geometries.

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