Tram Adjusting XCP

I was flattening a piece today and I’m seeing quite a difference between bottom and top of the cut along the y axis. Has anyone had to tram the XCP?

It’s a good thing to do once in a while, this might help?
(186) Best Surfacing Bit For CNC Router, Spoil Board Resurfacing - Garrett Fromme - YouTube

Yes, you may need to tram the spindle to get the Z axis perpendicular to the X,Y plane. It is recommended that you tram to a surfaced workpiece (or the wastboard after it’s been surfaced)

The concepts shown here are transferrable to any cnc, however the actual methods to tram the XCP will be a little different.

Unfortunately the XCP assembly guide is very thin on information about calibration and maintenance where as the standard Xcarve at least includes some data on the process on that model…

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