Tramming issue

So had the machine for a month and was doing some housekeeping. Walked back through making sure everything was square, tensioned, etc.

My X-carriage is out which is tilting my spindle. Tilt is from top to bottom. I browsed the forum and it seems like a problem others have had. Now my question which differs is, I know people are shimming the makerslide for Z against the carriage, but is there anyway to square the actual X-carriage? I tried shimming the V wheels, but this throws them out of proper alignment. Yes, I can shim the Z slide, but I hate leaving the carriage out of square.

Should i contact Inventables and have them send me a new X-carriage?

P.S. the X rail is in square with the wasteboard and Y.

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So long as nothing is binding and there is equal pressure on all 4 v wheels there “usually” isn’t any problem with leaving the X carriage out of square and shimming the Z. Mine is like that and I shimmed the z a little and the router mount. So long as you can get the router square to the wasteboard front to back and side to side you should be golden.

my X axis is perfectly square but my Z axis was still tilted quite a bit, had to use a washer on each of the bottom screws to get it square.

If you have the opposite problem you can enlarge the holes in the X axis mounting plates so that there is some adjustment there.

I am having the same issue. What bottom screws are you referring too? Could you share a picture of how you fixed the issue? Thanks