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Tramming X-axis

Tramming X-axis. I’ve read a ton of posts here and elsewhere and watched a bunch of videos, but havent really found specific info on how exactly to fix it on the X-Carve. i know which way it’s off-axis (leaning forward) just not sure how to adjust. where exactly do i shim it? advice?

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Forward leaning means you need to either shim the bottom or rotate the wide makerslide

got it figured out. what a difference!

care to share?

I’d like to know too. Pls share your steps. I recently flattened a sacrificial wasteboard, and there were ridges from z being tilted too far forward

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my z axis was leaning back so i put a couple thin washers bbehind the bottom bolts to swing it up and level. took a bit of trial and error, but that was it (in my case)

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you can also loosen the four bolts on each side of the X gantry and adjust it there. That’s how I’ve always adjusted mine.

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I am reviving this thread, I am having the same issue!

I will try adding washers and go from there, any other advice or images would be very helpful!

read the last post from Pyrex

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