Translucent Acrylic

Has anyone had any experience with this? I first saw it on the website and bought one and am going to try my hand using as an edge lit LED sign or maybe something backlit. Couldn’t find any projects in the forum that had used it.


Try these projects:

Great link but a search doesn’t reveal any of those projects used translucent acrylic for LED lighting.


Below is just one of many of from the search I suggested:

Maybe others can help if you post an example (aka picture) project?

I’m looking to see if anyone else has used it so I know if it’s worth the investment to buy some so I have no pictures to post. A few months ago when I first got started with the edge lighted signs, I bought a piece of solid red acrylic not quite knowing what I was getting and it ended up being a waste of money since it doesn’t allow light to go thru it. I’ve used it for test carves. lol


Sorry - I guess there are no projects on the forum where people have used clear / transparent acrylic to make an edge lit LED sign.

Translucent or solid will not allow color to go thru - may work with some backlighting like a lamp shade but it is not going to work edge lit anywhere near a transparent piece would… I am not sure if you can do some translucent inlay into transparent may give a nice effect but light will not pass thru it.

That’s exactly what I discovered this weekend and the type of information I was looking for when I made my original post. Thanks.