Tree Photo Frame from Barn Siding

This is a photo frame I whipped up in a couple of hours for a Christmas present. It’s made from 150 year old barn siding from a barn in Iowa. I think the wood is cedar. For scale it’s 7.25" x 12" and each photo opening is 3.5" diameter. Cut with a .040" 30 degree v-bit @ 60IPM, setting 1 on the dewalt.


Thats pretty cool, love the old distressed wood being the trees. Awesome idea.

Oh, a couple hours wasn’t just the cut time. That’s design time, staining, sanding, adding the hardware on the back, etc. Total cut time was probably about a half hour including a bit change and flipping/re-zeroing for the back pockets.

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I also use old barn wood. I use a hand held metal scanning wand to find any “150 year old” embedded bits of metal.

Love old barn wood! I need to find a good source to find it around me and stock up!

I got lucky in that the guy I found goes to the trouble of removing all the old nails. So far I’ve bought a couple hundred feet off him and I’ve only found one stray nail.