Trouble in adding custom bits

Hi guys! I have a question while trying to add a custom bit to easel’s bits library. The bit I want to add is [6mm / R0.75mm Ball Nose Tapered End Mill], but if I select Ball Noise and try to add it, an error message saying “Group name is not included in the list” appears and the process does not proceed. What’s the matter?

Tapered ball nose is different than a straight ball nose AND that ballnose option is brand new and I dont think it’s fully released and thats why you’re getting the error. . .

Ball bits have not been supported yet and you’re the first to really notice that option is in the list at all…

New ball bit option appears in the bit dropdown but gives error :flushed::flushed: ??

Actually need to use an 1/8th" ball nose myself for a project having the same issue. Why have the option if it doesn’t work?

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Youll need to enter it as an endmill to use a ball bit in easel & technically the toollath generated wont be perfect for a ball bit.

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