Trouble with 3d Carve

As I try to carve a 3d model, the xcarve is randomly skipping areas to carve. I don’t understand why it would be doing this? I am using vcarve and i upload my gcode into easel. I zoom in and everything is there, but when I go to carve, the machine is randomly skipping areas. some look fine, and others are just blank.

Are you setting the zero on the bit correctly?

Is your waste board completely parallel to your machine?

Is your stock the same thickness across its entirety?


Brandon Parker

yes, everything in terms of set up is correct. There are portions that are carved correctly, and portions that are faintly carved or not carved at all. It’s so weird. I use my z-probe too.

Does your Z-Axis pulley have a set screw? Check that it is tight if you do. Otherwise you might be losing steps possibly?

Can you share the project?


Brandon Parker

Either the top of your surface is uneven in height (or wasteboard sloped relative to Z) or you have a bit diameter specified that is too large for the area to be carved. Simplified, you cant carve a 1/8" slot with a 1/4" bit.

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Yes this one makes the most sense in my mind as well you have portions of your carve that are too small for the bit you’ve chosen to use… or you have a loose alignment somewhere and your z-axis is moving… Check for loose or misaligned v-wheel on z-axis

If the bit size is too large then you would definitely see the skipped areas in the carve preview.


Brandon Parker

The bit is a 4.8° 1mm ball nose. I have carved smaller 3d items with it and no issues. My z-axis has no v-wheels. It’s an upgraded z-axis from TBD.

What do your project look like?