Trouble with DeWalt 611 spindle operation. (HELP!)

OK…so I got my spindle mount today for my DeWalt 611. Got it all hooked up and wired. Did the “machine setup” on Easel, X axis, Y axis, and Z axis all work fine…so I go to the next step “Turn on spindle” and it turns on. Go to run a job, and within the job, do the setup stuff…and when I get to the part where it says “turn on spindle,” now it won’t turn on. So strange.

Please help!

Does this mean that you are running the 611 through a relay?


It’s very confusing considering it works in one section of Easel, but not in another…

I know some have talked about having to set the rpm really high to get the full 5v out to kick in a relay.

Note that I do not have this setup, so take with a doctor approved amount of salt.

You may want to check with a multimeter to see what your output V is.

Yep, try setting your RPM in Easel to 12000 or higher.

agreed. verify your speed “S” is something greater than 0

I know I have seen this, but please refresh my memory, where this is adjusted.

While in Easel, under the ‘Machine’ tab you should see “RPM”- verify that number. 12000 is a pretty normal number here.

Alright, i am going through the first set up process for my first carve. I have encountered this issue as well. I have the Dewalt 611 wired through the relay but it does not come on. The Logic switch turns on the spindle manually but the LED on the the relay is only partially lit when the Logic position is selected and the spindle does not activate.

I can manually turn on the spindle from the command line. BUT I can not find the speed setting in EASEL anywhere. I see where to Select Spindle Control as Manual or Automatic, but there is no where for a Number???

I also go into the Advanced and Machine Inspector Tabs but i see no where to input the speed.

What am I missing??

Please Help

In machine setup, where it asks which spindle you have, you have to put other and the maximum rpm box appears.

That is the only place I have seen it.


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Thank You JasonHughes

that took care of it.

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IMO. This should probably be something that is updated in Easel by the INVENTABLES Crew, since the Dewalt 611 has basically become the default spindle for the X Carve.