Trouble with Dewalt 611

Just wandering if any one else had trouble withe the Dewalt 611 after only having it one year. Mine doesn’t always want to start up. Wandering if the brushes could be bad already.

Typical hrs before brush change is 100-200hrs (on low RPM settings)
Easy enough to check isn’t it?

Pretty sure that is what my problem but I would have thought they would last a little longer than a year. I wish they had included an extra set in the package with it though. Now i am down right in the middle of the holiday rush.

Got 125 hrs on my brushes from September 2018 to November 2018 and had to replace them .

@JamesAlbert. It all depends on how much you use it. It the hours. Not the years of ownership. I always keep brushes on hand

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I understand that but I am only using it for some part time work. I don’t cut every day so i would not have thought I would have put that many hours on it in the last year. Not even sure that is what is wrong. It was working fine yesterday and now nothing. I have had brushes go on other tools and not had them quit so suddenly.

Have you looked at the brushes yet?

I was kind of afraid to open it up and look at them before contacting them about the problem. Didn’t want to void any warranty there was on it.

Video by @PhillipLunsford

In case you do need to replace the 611 brushes, this is what you will need:

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Just checked out the brushes and they look to be at the same point of the ones in the video. looked like they should have a few hours left on them. Don’t have any place around me that sells the brushes to make a good comparison so I guess for now I am going to have to break down and buy a new 611. Hated to spend the money if it can be fixed that easily. Have jobs that need done this weekend. I guess I will order brushes and worry about fixing it at later time.