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Trouble with exported G-Code

Hi Guys, I am Martin,

I just started with CNC Carving, and am encountering an issue when offline carving.
My CNC 3018 Pro has a little control box for manual movement and inserting SD cards with G-Code.

Test files and hand written G-Code works well with the offline box.
Easel is working well when connected by USB.

But the exported G-Code from Easel does not work on the manual control box.

I want to position the machine in the basement due to noise.
So Offline carving is quite important for me.

Does anyone have an idea what might be the issue?

I only see when opening the Easel Export file that the G-Code is not formatted.
But that should only be a visual issue, isn’t it?

Thanks for your help!

Ok, after some research, it seems the formatting is the issue.
I checked also in Carbide Create. Same issue.

When using GRBL Controller (v3.6.1) I only need to modify the first lines, then the exported Codes are working.
But the manual box needs clean code with one command per line.

Is there a way to modify the exported files concerning formatting?
I haven’t found a button with setting for the Export procedure so far.
Is there such a button somewhere?