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Truss rod channel cutting inconsistent depth

Ive cut a couple truss rod channel test cuts on mdf. In the X direction get a decent amount of variance in depth. In the Y direction i get a bit less. So obviously the rails arent quite level with the spoil board. Im going to run a leveling bit over a waste spoil board fastened to the supplied spoil board and then attach my necks to that. Anyone have similar issue and have any other solutions?



It is good practice to level your waste board on a regular basis. Good luck with the neck.

Most actually do :slight_smile:
Your fix is what is most common and easy to do, re-skimming from time to time is okay too :slight_smile:

I spent the summer trying to make vintage style tele necks. I used double sided tape on a piece of pine slightly larger than my neck. That is what got leveled with a 1/2" straight bit. The maple got mounted to the leveled pine. After 4-5 test necks out of maple, I’m getting closer, but the necks aren’t there yet to the accuracy I want. I ordered some more upgrades but have to wait for warmer weather. If you don’t have the Y axis stiffeners, they may help you.

Thanks for the info. Where do you get the Y axis stiffeners?