Try playing music on your x carve

I made a music file for the xcarve. Now I dont have an x carve but I played around with this code and think I have the settings right if somebody wants to try it. Its Matchbox 20 song 3am. Ill post the gcode at your own risk. It would have to be played in Universal Gcode Sender. If someone trys it and it works please post a video.

Matchbox_20_-_3_AM.txt (32.9 KB)


i saw something on gethub that did this. what did you use?

How did you make sure the code is not going to crash the spindle into something hard?

I set parameters. But since i dont have one for myself Im not sure if it will work. If you try is just make sure you are set to hit your estop just in case…

The one down side I see to this is if your steppers are making noise they are not tuned properly and that can cause motor or driver damage. Just sayin… Yes it would be cool but don’t use your x carve for it!

Hmmm seen lots of videos of people doing it and never heard of anyone damaging there steppers? I would think the only way your going to damage your steppers is to over amp them? Not out of tune??Stepper Motor Music [on hold] | ben "beignet" yeh


It’s funny that you said lol to that… With years of electronics background I was just sending a little warning out. Also the drivers are cutting it close with the nema 23 motors without using heatsinking and active cooling they will hit thermal shutdown as proof has been said in other threads… I’m not here to argue just to educate and help with troubleshooting.

In a way out of tune could mean overcurrent

Your the one saying they are out of tune. If you have your steppers tuned then they will stay that way. Just try to run a program with out the the router going and listen to the steppers. They make a tune all by them selves . I guess this is not for the weak hearted. Please do not try this you may have to much fun…

P.s. I’m sorry I even posted this really. Some people just goto the extreme. To each there own…