Trying tiling

ok I have read as much as I can find on this subject and have seen phils jig with the 2 dowels. I was going to try to go with a reference hole in the middle and move the work from there. the only thing is I am not sure how to use the reference hole. when I move the piece forward do I line my bit up in the hole and call that the start. sorry I know it is easier thru f engrave but I have not figured that program out yet. this is my first attempt but I am trying to get it close. thanks in advance.

thanks phil. so you are saying to slide it thru lower the bit down into the hole but how do i use the last x and y zero after i have moved it to put the bit in the hole. sorry for sounding dumb.

one other thing. i covered the back end of the sign so it cuts the front half. do i need to slide the print foward to cut the back half or just cover the front and go ahead. the piece is 48" long.

i just bought one of charlies but have not gotten it hooked up yet. this is only a test so i understand the depth does not have to be perfect.

yes it is.

ok that gets my z set but do i go from the hole with my x and y axes.

thanks phil I will give it a try this afternoon and see how it turns out. thanks wayne

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time for Phil to do a video :slight_smile:

the first half cut fine but when I moved to the back half it wants to drill another reference hole and start over. I have stopped it but not sure what I did wrong. I covered the front half and slid the board forward and zeroed off the hole but it seems to not want to cut the letters in the back half it wants to cut the front half again.

here is what I have.

that didn’t work so good.

maybe this will help

i am not haveing much luck here this is the wrong screen shot.

ok now i have it.

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sorry phil i had to take my grandaugther to the truck and tractor pull tonight. no it is still setting where i moved it. can not figure out what is going on. it starts and goes up and cuts a referance hole where the first one was but i only had 1 referance hole. so everytime it put the hole in i stopped it.

ok I give any help please.

i got it to work Phil but not the way i wanted to. i split it into 2 programs beteen words and did it that way but if i wanted to do more then 1 line of text i don’t think it would work. i am sure there is something simple i am missing. if you are busy don’t worry about it. the more i do i am sure somewhere down the line i will figure it out. thanks Wayne

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thanks Robert I read that one. I am not working with oversized material so I can not put the notch in the wood. it is a good idea though.