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Trying to carve first time

Hi all, I’m an old dog learning new tricks. I really like the ease of this application but when I try to carve, my first ever, the application says I need to pay monthly or purchase outright. My impression was to be able to use the online software without purchase. If I’m wrong, please let me know. A bit frustrated when I jumped thru the hoops but denied the final outcome. I do not have your machine but a 3018 Pro as a first timer. Thanks in advance.

Easel comes in two "versions, Easel and Easel Pro.
Easel is free all the time

Easel Pro is available in three categories:

  • Monthly subscription
  • Paid per day
  • 4 free days (4x 24hr windows) per month

Easel Pro is required for V-bit programming, some fonts and some features.
For a first-time carve Pro is no requirement.

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@ArmenMcnerlin. You do get four free days per month. When you reach that screen don’t panic. Look at the top of the box and you will see an option tab. Select that tab and it will open so that you can select the use free day option. The same thing happened to me. I did not realize they had made a change. However it is a simple fix. Hope this helps you

Thanks, I did see that but all the videos I watched says it can be used with out payment. I am trying to use a font for my first carve and I think that’s what is causing the request. Is there a drop down with different fonts?

Thanks, not sure why but I believe the font I’m trying to use is causing my issue. I didn’t look for anything fancy/special but all say PRO next to them.

So I figured out what was causing the application to ask for payment. My scrap wood is a piece of pine, I changed the material to reflect what I had. That change caused the application to change from Easel to Easel PRO. Lesson learned, thanks for the help.