Trying to carve on 1/2 round picket

having trouble trying to figure out how to carve on 1/2 round picket 3 inches wide X 1/2 inch thick at the outer edges and 7/8 inch thick at the peak of the 1/2 round. the back is flat. so how do i carve on this wood using easel?

You cant do true 3d within easel… you can get a close stepped shape using the super gradient generator tool (click the Lego loking button to find this tool)

It takes a few mistakes to figure out exactly what all the settings do and youd have to set the step count pretty high to minimize the post carve sanding… but thats as close as it gets without Fusion360 or carveco or aspire…


thank you I will give that a try. I did not even know about or how to use these generators

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