Trying to Close Curve on Corel Draw

So I’m making a Script Mr. & Mrs. wooden cut out for a friends wedding on short notice.

On Corel, I converted the text to curves and edited the points to smooth out and remove any overlap of letters by using “virtual segment delete”. I then tried to take the broken corners of the deleted sections and make sure the nodes of each line intersected fully.

After clicking close curve, it still recognizes a break and sends lines across to close it.

There are two different sections in which this has occurred. Does anyone have any advice? I can send the file if anyone needs the Corel file to help. I feel like it is one small little thing that I am overlooking. I’ve circled the areas I’m mentioning in the screenshot below.

Usually this is caused by a poorly constructed font which has incorrect path winding. Usually it can be fixed by fixing the path direction.

If you post the file, I’ll gladly fix it.

Mr and Mrs Individual.cdr (43.6 KB)

Thanks! Uploaded in this thread. It doesn’t seem that I placed it in direct reply to your comment.

Don’t use the auto close. Click on the vector to get into node editing mode zoom in close and move the nodes together by hand they will usually join automatically. If not or they are really close you can select the nodes you want to join right click and use join. When you have the vector selected you should have a selection in the object properties called curve, it will tell you when the vector is closed.

Got it! I ended up learning about “extend to curve” and boom, it fixed it locally. Thanks.

Will, I ended up fixing it! I came across the “extend to curve” button when highlighting the broken connection points. Thanks for your help.

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