Trying to create a monogram inlay -Easel/Ease Inlay App

I am trying to create a monogram inlay and its my first time using Easel. Every time I hit “select all” and then use the Inlay App, it adds a new image that looks like a circle and an opaque circle. I am guessing that i am just not selecting the image correctly or something. can anyone make any suggestions?Monogram 2

Monogram 2

One image is the pocket and the othe image is the inlay. The original can be deleted

Ok. Thank you. I feel like I am almost there here is a screenshot of where I am at:

OK I think I see whats going on. It looks like the inlay generator is trying to generate a shallow circular cutout and corresponding inlay piece.(Probably because I told it to, because I still don’t really know what I am doing.) I am trying to get the lettering and the circle to all be one object and have it carved out of the main board, and also a relief of it carved out of another piece of material to go into the main board, that has the engraving.

hey I think i figured it out. Thanks for everyones help!