Trying to find wasteboard cad file for 1000mm

I am trying to find the CAD file for the 1000mm wasteboard with holes template with holes. I need to make a special fastener in 3Dprinter, and need the holes to match. But my brain is burnt and can’t seem to find the file!.. Does anyone have a link to it by any chance?


Just found it!


Hole centers are 75mm apart in both x and y. I use a 1/4 EM when I was drilling my board and it worked good for the m5 screws.

I also made a Fusion 360 model of it at if that helps.


Thanks for the help!

Great work!

PD: What materials have you tried to make your wasteboard?

Anyone looking for the final design:

worked well for me!

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Does anyone have a grid file for the waste board. I have surfaced my waste board and am just learning how to use vcarve and could use a hand with just a simple grid pattern. Thanks

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