Trying to make a trivet

I am trying to make a trivet, and am having some issues.

  1. using the basketweave form the icons, I like the size of the weave, and the shape, but wish I could replicate it over the whole shape at once, rather than cutting and pasting in segments
  2. I wish I could end the basketweave pattern at the inside edge of my circle.
    Thoughts anyone?

Try this.

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Hi Mark, First, THANK YOU!!!
Second, How did you do it?
Please advise,

I took your circle profile and copied to second work piece, made it a fill at zero depth.
Then went back to your original design in first work piece and covered it all with a rectangle at 1/4" depth.
Copied that rectangle to second work piece. Selected both the rectangle and zero depth circle (on top) and combined. This created a rectangle with hole in the center. This shape was then changed to zero depth.
Now back to first work piece and delete that rectangle that covered all your design. Then take zero depth shape from second work piece and copy over your design.
Any shape set to zero depth can be used to cover all or part of art and bring it to front to control areas of cut.
Watch some of Mo’s videos. there are many helpful tricks to be found there.